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5926 Sehmel Dr NW Bldg A, Gig Harbor WA 98332

Outboards At "Out of this

world" prices

We have Mercury, Yamaha and Evinrude engines at awesome prices, to get you excited to go boating again.  Our 2018 Mercury outboards are here and are listed on our Outboard page, and we have 1 2017 Mercury model left to blow out at a great price.  We have 2018 Evinrude and Yamaha Outboards at very competitive prices.  And of course, if we don't have what you need in stock, we can gladly order it for you.  We have a list of all available in-stock motors, new and used on our Outboard Blow Out Page.   Give us a call to get your new engine today

253-858-7280 or 253-858-8160

Boat Engine Repair

There are many situations and things that can go wrong with your boat and keep you from being safe on the water.  We're equipped to handle repairs on Evinrude, Johnson, Mercury, Mercruiser, Volvo and Yamaha and gas powered inboard engines.  Whether you just need a service, water pump replaced or a complete engine overhaul, we're an excellent fit for your repair needs.  We'll fix it right the first time and get you back on the water.

We Love to Work on Boats

Our mechanics come to work smiling and are happy to turn a wrench. They have a passion for boat engine repair and are fully qualified to work on yours.

Our Promise to You

We promise to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of repair size or difficulty.

Why Choose Us?

Welcome to Lighthouse Marine Inc.

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Yamaha Power of the Summer Sales Event July 16 through thru August 31, 2018

Up to $500.00 in dealer credit on the purchase of select

2.5hp-75hp four-stroke outboards


Up to 5 years of warranty protection on the purchase of select 90hp-200hp four-cylinder four-stroke outboards

Thanks Richard

Richard Scott has been with us at Lighthouse Marine Inc. since 2006 and is our go-to Volvo guy.  He specializes in Volvo Gas Engines and Mercruiser Stern Drives.  We appreciate his expertise and his concern for our customers to have a safe, working engine and a great boating experience.  Thank you Richard for being part of our team.



Our customers ask the best questions and we are going to highlight a few here each month.

Question:  What should I look for when draining my gear lube?

Answer:  Inspect the gear lube for metal particles (lube will have a "metal flake" appearance).  Drain lube into a clean pan/container.  The presence of fine metal particles (resembling powder) in the gear lube indicates normal wear, but the presence of metal chips in the gear lube indicates the need for the gear housing to be disassembled and component inspection by an authorized dealer.

Note the color of the gear lube when draining.  If the color is white or cream, it MAY indicate the presence of water in the lube.  Gear lube which has been drained from a gear case recently in operation will have a yellowish color due to the lube agitation/aeration.  Gear lube which is mixed with assembly lubricant (Special Lube 101 or 2-4-C) will also be creamy white in color.  This is normal and should not be confused with the presence of water.  If water is suspected to be present in the gearcase, a pressure check of the gearcase should be completed by an authorized dealer. Pouring a portion of the gear lube into a glass jar, and allowing the lube to settle, will allow any water in the lube to separate and settle to the bottom of the jar.

The presence of water in the gear lube indicates the need for inspection by an authorized dealer.  The dealer will disassemble the gear housing and inspect the oil seals, seal surfaces, o-ring, water pump gaskets, as well as the gear housing componnents for damage.

Question:  Is there a simple solution to water condensation in the fuel tank as a result of ethanol?

Answer:  It is best to maintain a full tank of fuel when the engine is not in use.  This will reduce the void space above the fuel and will reduce the flow of air in and out of the tank with changes in temperature.  This will reduce condensation on the internal walls of the tank and will limit exposure of the ethanol in the fuel to humidity and condensation.

Note - Conan Fuel at 1320 Burnham Dr. NW has Ethanol Free Fuel, they work on a card program so call them today at 253-851-9903

Question:  Are there any additives that can allow the phase-separated mixture to remix when added to the fuel tank?

Answer:  No, the only way to avoid further problems is to remove the water, dispose of the depleted fuel, clean the tank and start with a fresh, dry tank of fuel.

There are more FAQ on our About Us page

Lighthouse Marine Inc.

Looking for a boat mechanic you can trust?  Look no further!

We are the most qualified boat engine repair team in the area.  Our experienced technicians and staff are here to help you with your boating needs.  We use the latest diagnostic technology to provide high-quality service.  We also offer many preventative maintenance options.  It's the convenient way to keep your boat healthy.  From cowling to propeller, from tongue jack to trailer brakes, we've got you covered.  We know what we're doing, and we're dedicated to keeping you safe on the water.  Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

On our service pages we list just a few of our maintenance service items, you can choose to do as much or as little, to fit within your budget and needs.  Costs vary depending upon horsepower and installation details of your engine.

Evinrude Endless Adventure Sales Event

August 1 through November 30, 2018

Have all the fun and none of the worry with up to 7 years of factory-back coverage valued up to $4500.00 (USD)

 We now offer financing through Sheffield Financial to help you purchase your new BRP Evinrude motor.  Ask for Tim, and he will get you started or go to www.Sheffieldfinancial.com to apply for your new BRP motor. 

BRP's New Evinrude G2.